20 Man Cave Rules

Man Cave Rules

1. The Man Cave must have a really big TV. The bigger the better.

2. The Man Cave must have a comfortable recliner.

3. The Man Cave must have a bar or mini fridge.

4. Under no circumstances do you give up the remote, you may let others use it once in a while but always be in control of your remote.

5. No flowers, potpourri, other sweet smelling scents, if you need to cover an odor try cigar smoke if you need to have a plant try a cactus.

6. Absolutely no Snuggies or footy pajamas.

7. Always leave the toilet seat up.

8. Beer must always be available and ice cold.

9. Beer is provided to guests free so complaining about brand of beer is prohibited but the temperature of the beer is fair game.

10. Manly topics only will be discussed, such as, drinking, dogs, sports, swimsuit models, farts, etc.

11. All in the Man Cave shall have thick skin, we will all pick on each other like the fat kid in grade school.

12. You must always exaggerate any anecdote told to your friends by at least 50%.

13. If you arrive to the cave when a game is in progress you may ask for the score once but never ask “who’s playing?”

14. Never hesitate to go for the last beer or chicken wing but never both, that’s just plain mean.

15. The smoking of cigars shall be allowed.

16. Remember, a man’s gotta scratch what a man’s gotta scratch, enough said.

17. Under no circumstances may someone speak ill of all time great Man movies such as Animal House, Caddy Shack, and most recently The Hangover.

18. Any disputes lasting more than 3 minutes must be settled with arm wrestling or rock, paper, scissors.

19. Hiding beer from guests is strictly forbidden.

20. The Man Cave that is more like a family room IS a family room so don’t call it a Man Cave.

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