Building and Decorating your Man Cave on a Shoestring Budget

Man Cave creation and decoration are activities that most people are reluctant to go into because of the presumption that they will cost a lot. Actually, this need not be true; there are many ways to improve and to look of your Man Cave area without incurring a mountain of debt.   If you want to undertake the worthwhile task of creating a better living space for you, your friends and your family, here are some tips to help you achieve a lot of dash for a surprisingly small amount of cash.


1.Get rid of clutter.  Purge the things you don’t need by holding a yard sale or giving them away to friends. Consider donating to Goodwill or the Salvation Army; both organizations will give you a receipt for tax deduction purposes. Get yourself some space savers and organizers to make your shelves look neater and less crowded.

2.Repaint. Unless your walls have really become dingy and stained, a coat of paint will do wonders for your house. If the stains are really bad, you may have to use a coat of primer to achieve a really fresh look but it will be worth the trouble. While you are it, try playing around with the paint. Pick a wall to make it the focal area of the room, paint it two shades darker than the other walls.

3.Use trim to your advantage. Decorative trim and crown molding can really lend flair to a room. Install them and paint them to complement or contrast the colors you used on the walls and watch what a difference this will make.

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4.Treat your furniture to a coat of paint or varnish. Reupholster in a different color or print. If this is too difficult to do on your own and too costly if you get a professional, spruce up with an afghan throw or new throw pillows.

5.Replace bathroom and lighting fixtures. If cleaning is no longer sufficient to make your overhead lighting fixtures presentable, change them. There are inexpensive, updated models available in most hardware stores today. Kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as showerheads can sometimes acquire a bright new look with cleaning. Some professional cleaners use glass cleaning agents to make them gleam but if that doesn’t work and the lime and spots won’t go away, think about replacing them. These are not always as expensive as you think.

6.Give your cabinets a treat. Apart from painting them, change their knobs and handles. These items can actually convey or reinforce a style you want to project. Some handles seem to shout oriental, some say Scandinavian, some say Early American and some look Mediterranean. Kitchen handles and knobs to a certain extent illustrate home improvement and decoration on a shoestring.

7.Use color to bring a room together. Color is a powerful decorating tool. If your sports teams all have different colors try focusing the theme on one team and their colors, there is less chance that your room will look disorganized. A bathroom with bath mats and shower curtains that match also has the same effect.

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8.Put up pictures or sketches with simple frames; look for an uncluttered but effective way to group them. Go over  to get a feel of how this can be done.

Man Cave Creation and decoration need not be impossibly expensive today. For one thing, if you’re willing to do much of the work will find that help is available everywhere and that means saving quite a bit of money. In addition, stores and establishments today are creating nice, reasonably priced goods that target a large number of people who want to create a nice living space but also need to obtain this on a tiny budget.  There is no time like the present,  you don’t need to have the perfect Man Cave right away, just a nice comfortable spot to relax.

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