Elements of a Man Cave

Every man needs a manctuary or man cave where he can escape from the stress and chaos of every day life.  Traditionally, a man cave is located in a garage, a basement or a den of a home, but you will be able to decide where the most suitable location is for this purpose.

There are several elements that you should consider when planning for your man cave, in order to ensure that you have everything needed to rest and relax in your space.  We are going to talk about a few of these elements, and you may want to make a list of the ones that are important to you for your own man cave:


  • Comfy seating.  There are so many styles of chairs and loungers to choose from, where do you begin?  Choose a day when you have the entire day to shop and make a list of several stores to visit.  Wear comfortable clothing, much as you would when you will be resting in the man cave to duplicate the same environment.  Take your time and sit in each style of chair or sofa that catches your eye.  If you are testing a recliner, then extend the recliner and see how far back it goes.  Close your eyes for a minute or two.  Once you find something you consider comfortable, go with it.  If you open your eyes and people are staring at you, you may have dozed off for a bit.  Don’t worry, this won’t happen in the man cave.
  • Refreshments! You will need some kind of bar fridge for beer and other cold beverages.  This can be as small or large as you wish, depending on how many refreshments you will consume in a week or so.  It can be inconvenient to buy beer often or restock the fridge, so make sure you get the appropriate size the first time out.  As far as snacks are concerned, you will want to make sure there is room in the fridge for finger foods to be kept.  If you are going with a fridge/freezer unit, then you will want to think about adding a microwave oven as well for heating up those frozen snack items.
  • Relief Station.  You are going to be consuming plenty of beers, etc., so make sure you have your own relief station located within your man cave or very close by.  It would be really, really inconvenient to have to walk up stairs or down a hall to use a washroom.
  • Electronics.  Decide what sort of electronics you would like to have, including style and size of TV, DVR, Surround Sound, Stereo Equipment – Satellite Radio or Television, etc.  Of course, finding one remote to handle all of the various electronics can be an added bonus!

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