Top 7 Man Cave Accessories

Every man cave is unique to that man’s personal style and choices.  Having the most up to date and/or unique accessories can make your man cave personal and unique to you.  Some of the top accessories sought out by men include:

  1. Big Screen TV set or projection TV system.  This is an absolute must have, whether you enjoy gaming, sports or just kicking back to watch a movie on pay per view.  Nothing is more cool than reclining in your big comfy chair and taking it all in with a huge screen so big you don’t even need to know where your glasses are.
  2. Surround Sound System.  Surround sound has come a long way baby, and you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get great sound.  Smaller systems that fit into the most obscure places so that they are hidden (big pieces can often be unsightly) are the way many men are going these days.  Putting yourself into the action with surround sound is a really cool feeling – almost like being there.
  3. Universal Remote System.  So you have a TV, Surround Sound, PVR, DVD, etc.  How many remotes does that add up to?  Four and counting… the best idea is to consolidate all of these remotes into one single remote or command centre where you can control everything in the room with the touch of a button.  Of course, keep all the individual remotes in a safe place if you ever need them in the future, but for crying out loud, get a universal!!!
  4. Super Comfy Recliner Chair.  Recliners have had many improvements over the years, one really great innovation is the arm cooler.  What is an arm cooler?  You simply flip the arm rest open and there inside is a plastic ice bucket that you can fill with ice and load with refreshments.  Need I say more?
  5. Signs and Posters.  No matter what you would like to say, I am pretty sure you can find a sign or a poster to compliment what is on your mind.  ManCaves are no exception.  Signs and posters are out there that are funny, witty, rednecky, whatever theme you would like to touch upon.  These signs and posters are sure to add a missing element to your man cave and should not be overlooked.
  6. Air hockey/bumper pool/foosball/pool table/casino themed tables.  Nothing like having great games to play with and to relax with friends.  Lots of guys like to set up poker nights or pool nights with friends and they can host them in their own man caves with these cool accessories.
  7. Kegerator Bar Fridge.  This is a must have accessory if you and your buddies love to drink a lot of beer.  This fridge style accessory holds on full sized keg in side, all you need to do is install the keg and then pull the tap.  Beer is served.  Just make sure you get your buddies to kick in for the cost of these kegs, they can be pretty expensive.

Any way you slice it, a man cave is the ultimate sanctuary.  It can be really exciting to design, decorate and hang out in your new space, so get started soon and enjoy the ride!