Planning your ManCave

One of the most important things a man will ever do in his home is to plan and execute his man cave.  There are plenty of things to think about and plan.  Remember, careful planning will ensure that you include all of the elements you would like in your man cave and it should allow you to have a rough idea of what you can expect when all is complete and ready for enjoyment.

 1.         Theme

Do you want your man cave to look like a garage (complete with a car parked inside) or a saloon, or even a diner?  Every guy has specific tastes and likes, and this is your space to do what you want, because it’s your man cave.  Some guys like to have a sports theme where they can display their memorabilia, etc.  It is entirely up to you, because it is your space, but make sure it is something you really enjoy or you will get tired of looking at it.

 2.         Budget.

Once you decide on a particular theme, decide on how much it will cost you for all of the elements to bring the room together and make it pop.  Flooring, lighting, electronics, seating, refrigeration, paint, bathroom, etc.  All of these different elements and add ons are going to cost a bit of money, and every bit can add up to a lot, so be certain you consider absolutely everything before you get started.

3.         Area.

Which area of the house will lend itself to your plan?  The garage, the basement, the attic?  Wherever you decide, it should be a room that is not used often by other members of the household, or they may be upset when you claim it as your own.  Of course, you could share it sometimes with other family members, but most of the time it will be yours.

 4.         Upgrading.

 If you are planning to install a surround sound stereo system for your TV, for example, you might need to upgrade the ceiling if you are in the basement in order to soundproof the room. What’s the best way to watch a great action movie?  Loud, of course!   The last thing you want is to wake the kids up or tick the neighbors off when you are trying to watch that movie.  Soundproofing can be take a bit of work, but once you have it done, you will never have to do it again.

5.         Comfort.

Adding in all of the elements that make your man cave comfortable are very important.  Of those, seating is the number one thing that you should consider.  Make sure it is something that you will enjoy sitting in for extended periods of time.  Add in easy to reach tables where you can store your remotes or sit your snacks and drinks.  Everything should be less than five inches from your chair so you can grab it when you need it.

 The most important part of planning your man cave is to make lists of all of the things you want, a “wish list” of sorts.  Start by working through this list and then fleshing it out while you shop around for the supplies you will need to make your man cave a reality.

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