Rules for the Man Cave

Claiming your own personal space can be a long and difficult journey.  Once you have staked out your claim and made it your own, you will want to consider some basic rules for your man cave.  Okay, I know what you are thinking – Rules?  I don’t need no stinking rules!!!  Well, you might!

Rule 1:                        Bring your own booze!!

No one wants to supply beer for all of their friends, and having a bar can be a novel idea, however, you will find at some point that certain people keep showing up, a little more often than you would like, and empty handed…  You know, that guy that shows up at a party with a six pack and leaves with a twelve pack.  What’s up with that????  Start off with this rule and enforce it, and you should avoid these freeloaders while laying out your expectations of not having to supply them with booze.

Rule 2:                        No entry into the Man Cave without permission

What?  Well, it is your own personal space.  You don’t want your kids down there having a freakin pajama party, messing up your space and eating all of your snacks… gasp!  If the kids want to watch a movie in your man cave, then they have to follow your rules and for crying out loud, they better clean the place up when they are finished!!

Rule 3:                        What happens in the Man Cave Stays in the Man Cave!!

Don’t underestimate this rule.  Perhaps you and your buddies want to play poker for money or watch some less than mainstream TV or pay per view.  Sometimes things are said that you don’t want repeated… because you are relaxing and you want to let loose a little.  You would not want the ladies finding out about this or they will try to stop or even limit your man cave parties.  Everyone who enters the man cave should not repeat anything that is said within those four walls to anyone… ever….

Rule 4:                        The man is always right (in the man cave).

Your wife or significant other gets to be right the rest of the time (even if they are not), but this is your space to be right all of the time.

Rule 5:                        No Chick Flicks… ever.

You have had to endure years of Sex and the City.  Now it’s your turn to watch sports 24/7 if you want to.  Go ahead, it’s your space and your TV!

These are just some general ideas for rules and there are some great posters with Man Cave Rules that you can purchase to post in your man cave.  It’s your cave, you decide what your rules will be, but make sure that you have some or the entire household will use your cave as a flopping ground.  By golly, you worked hard to claim and create this personal space, so you need to enforce the rules.

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