Man Cave Ideas, Plans and Designs

10 DIY Tips to Creating your own Man Cave

1. Getting Ideas for you Man Cave Design

First things first.  Go to your space and take a look around.  Visualize your Man Cave.  If you need a little help on coming up with ideas then look at some pictures or videos.  We have put together a slide show of all the best Man Caves submitted to us and others we have found.  Check it out below. 

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You can also check out our Man Cave Pictures Page or 50 Most Awesome Man Caves page.

2. Choose your Man Cave Theme

Choose a theme or an object to design around like a pool table or a piece of sports memorabilia.  Once you have your inspiration and vision of your Man Cave find what to put in it.

3. Choose your furniture and get dimensions

Search the Man Cave Market for all your pub tables, bars, recliners, air hockey tables, pool tables, dart boards, etc.  You will find dimensions on each product so you can include them in your plans.

4. Draw up your Plans

Get out your tape measure and a piece of graph paper and measure out your space.  Make sure you get every nook and cranny including windows and stairs.  Then transfer your data to a free online floor plan like smallblueprinter.com.




5. Arrange your Man Cave

Use the floor plan software to work out the details such as where you will put furniture, TV, bar etc.  The software makes it easy to move items around to see where it fits best.

6. Make your list of materials

Once you have your layout figured out it’s time to make a list of all the materials you will need.  If you’re not sure how to do this you can take your Man Cave Floor Plan to your local hardware store where they will help you.  You can also call a contractor by using a trusted source like Homeadvisor.com.

7. For the hard stuff hire a licensed contractor

For the electric, plumbing and HVAC work you will need a licensed contractor unless you’re a very experienced Do-It-Yourselfer.  Another good source to find trusted contractors is Angies List.

8. Step by Step List

Now make yourself a step by step list of the order you will be completing each step of the project.  Set a date you plan on completing each step, always good to have goals.

9. Help

Enlist the help of family and friends.  When you have the Man Cave finished you’ll know who to invite over first.

10. Welcome to the Man Cave Club

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!  Takes lots of photos and send them to us at pictures@mancavemarket.com


Below I have put some links to companies, books, pages or any other resource that may help you in building your Man Cave.



- brickoven Create and build your own Brick Pizza Oven


- htba For those of you brave enough to do it on your own this book is awesome it's called "How to Build Anything"


- tbset Build your own Tiki Bar


- ssHow to complete your home project in 7 easy steps.


- htd Home theater design book